For the first time in Israel, Artfi - The Fine Art & Finance Conference, provides an arena where the burgeoning Israeli art crowd can gain an in-depth knowledge on the art world, the global trends that dominate it, and its financial aspects.

The Israeli market is flourishing in the last decade, and is estimated to have an annual turnaround of 50 million dollars. In addition to a bevy of new galleries, renewed museums and a successful art fair, corporate and philanthropic investors have increased funds allocations into the arts, understanding the importance of supporting Israel’s invigorating cultural awakening.

Art is becoming an alternative investment vehicle. In 2011, art has outperformed the S&P 500 and yield an 11% return to investors.
While traditional markets fluctuate, investors are confident in the art market and enhance tremendously the art economy. Geo-political changes bring new players into the art world, creating new and exciting marketplace.

However, the art market is unique, and has special characteristics that need to be taken into account before operating in it.
ARTFI will provide the much needed knowledge and tools in order to become a player in the art world and shall serve as an entry point for new collectors, as a reaffirming and informational reference for the connoisseur, and provide a forum to spark new ideas and creative visions.